Umaibo Flavoured Corn Puff Snack 6pc Set

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Umaibo (うまい棒) is a very savoury and delicious corn puff snack from Japan. Japanese people eat these on a daily basis, because it tastes so good it will leave you wanting a second one. Imagine a giant monster munch or cheetos, and you'll instantly fall in love with Umaibo. 

The corn puff snack comes in many different kinds of flavours, and today Kantan Living brings you 6 exquisite flavours. 

  • Tonkastsu - Pork flavoured corn puff
  • Teriyaki Burger - Glazed soy sauce 
  • Chicken Curry - Chicken curry flavour 
  • Takoyaki - Savory - Octopus pancake flavour
  • Vegetable Salad - Vegetable salad mayo flavour
  • Yakitori - Grilled chicken flavour 

Umaibo Ingredients List