Toilet seat cover BLUE sheep

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Popular japanese item. Easy to stick on and peel off for washing and to reuse again and again. Fleece fabric, soft touch on the bum when you sit. No more cold bathroom toilet seating, can save you energy and heating.

- Soft Fleece fabric stick on cover
- Free size, you can cut to size you want
- Easy adhesive stick on and peel off for cleaning
- Reusable
- Energy saving smart product

1. Ensure seat is dry and free from dirt. Moisture will weaken adhesive power.
2. Place on seat cover and cut to desired size or shape.
3. Peel off backing film to affix the cover to the seat

1. Clean seat cover regularly for better hygiene.
2. If the adhesive stays on seat after being removed, clean adhesive off with white spirt and warm water.
3. Use only for intended use
4. When cleaning seat cover avoid using chlorine bleach
5. Avoid using iron to dry it.

Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Seat cover can be washed by hand with warm water or washing machine at water temperature 30 degree or below.
2. Dry seat cover in shade since direct sunlight will weaken adhesive.
3. When you use a washing machine, try to use a laundry net as much as possible.
4. Be careful when washing or drying the sheets with the absorption surface facing each other that they do not permanently adhere together.

Material: Polyester / urethane foam/ polyurethane
Made in China
Imported by: Kantan Living LTD
5 Burchell Rd, London, E10 5AY