Strong 5pc Suction Hook White

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These strong 5pc suction hooks, may look small but there are very heavy duty. With a lever clamp it ensures the suction strongly sticks to the surface. 

Suction hooks white 5pc set 202701
Size 3.8x5x2cm
Material Vinyl chloride resin , ABS resin
Weight load 1kg

-Idea for kitchen bathroom use

Ideal surface to be use on tile/ stainless/ transparent glass/ mirror/ fridge surface, washing machine/ any coated plastic surface
(max weight is approx, actual weight pend of different surface)

Method of usage:
1 Clean surface ensure surface is free from bust, oil and water
2. To apply, firmly press against surface
3. To secure full hook handle down

1. Do not use on surface such as wood, plaster, matt or uneven surface.
2. Dirt and dust will weaken suction
3. Do not go over max weight limit.
4. Please don't use suction hook to hang fragile and breakable items
5. To renew suction power, sock hooks in 60 degrees hot water for about 10mins

Packaging material: Card/PP