Silicon Gummy Chocolate Candy Mould Maker Ice Tray Novelty Mould

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Silicon gummy chocolate candy mould maker, ice tray mold. 

Size: 11x10cm (silicon tray)
Material: Silicon resin
Heat resistant 40 degree (Tray), 220 degree (Body)
Cool tolerance -15 degree

Silicon mould for making gummy candy or chocolate. The item comes with a tray.

-Easy to use, great tool to introduce to kids (age 6+)
-Microwave and oven safe
-Freeze, fridge safe
-Flexible silicon material
-Reusable and washable
-Multifunction food mould

Recipe for 1 batch chocolate
Chocolate (of your choice)- 70g

1.Shave chocolate finely
2. Place shaved chocolate in a large bowl, place bowl over a hot bowl of water.
3. Place silicone tray on top of white plastic tray (provided).
4. Scoop melted chocolate into silicone tray.
5. Place tray in fridge for 45minunte (minimum)

1. Silicone tray can be use in oven and microwave. Cannot be use in grill or toaster grill oven, do not place direct/near fire.
2. White tray are only to be use during preparation time or in fridge/freezer, do not use tray in microwave/grill/oven/toaster oven/fire.
3. Please wash with mild detergent and avoid washing with hash material before and after use
4. Mould will become hot during cooking, please handle with care
5. Over heating will cause damage to mould
6. Due to the material, there may be slight smell of silicon. But this does inter fear with food hygiene.
7. Dark colour ingredients, may leave colour stain, please note this is not a quality
8. Can not be use in dishwasher or dish dryer.
9. To avoid injury, please keep away from infant and toddler.

Packaging material: PP