Ramune Pocky Snack Pack

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Our Ramune Pocky Snack Pack, is a trio combination of some of Japans very best confectionary. 

Our most popular sales comes from Ramune and Pocky during exhibition shows, and we constantly get requests for these. So we decided to create a Ramune Pocky Snack Pack for any occasion all year round.

Ramune the famous carbonated soda drink sealed with a marble. The aim of the game is to use the lid cap to pop the marble to get to your drink. 

Pocky is the worlds most famous chocolate coated biscuit stick. In many different flavours pocky too delicious to enjoy just one. 

Dagashi Snacks are Japan's traditional cheap sweets that are quirky, weird yet full of flavour that will surprise you. 


Contents of the Snack Pack:

1 x Ramune flavour of your choice

1 x Pocky (flavour chosen at random) 

3 x Japanese Dagashi Snacks

Makes a perfect snack time meal or a great gift to a friend, for a birthday, or any occasion for that matter.