Pudding cup 5pc FLOWER

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Size 7 x H6.1cm
130ml capacity
Material - polypropylene, PET

Ideal for dessert making such as pudding, jelly, cheesecake and tiramisu for party and picnic occasion

With special designe at the bottom of cup allows easy slighting from the mould-
Tip cup upside down, and you will find at the bottom of the cup there is a little knob with an arrow. Push knob at the same direction as arrow. This will create a tiny hole, which allow air to goes in.

1. Please do not use the product in other than it intended use.
2. Do not use in microwave, oven, grill, toaster oven and freezer.
3. Do not use in direct or near fire, as this will cause deformation and damage.
4. This product is intended for food preparation only.
5. If use dry ice, do not use directly with container.
6. Please avoid putting food that is high in fat or acid such as lemon as this might cause deterioration.
7. Please note not to put hot liquid such as caramel sauce, as this might cause deformation.
8. Strong pressure or shock will cause damage to item.
9. Please store in cool places.
10. Due to the nature of this product, item might become hard to get out. In order to safely separate container, hold at side and gently press middle than slid out.

Heat resistant temperature cup-60 degree, lid-50 degree