Pretty mini party forks

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10pc Two designs
Heart and Crown
Length 8x1.9x0.6cm
Material - AS Resin

1. Please do not use the product,other than its intended use.
2. Do not place near or direct in fire. This will cause deformation and damage.
3. Do not use in open fire, microwave, oven, freezer, dishwasher and dish dryer.
4. To avoid injury, please keep away from infant and toddler.
5. Strong pressure or shock will cause damage to item.
6. End of fork can be sharp, please be careful when handling.
7. Please avoid carry this item while on the move without any outer packaging for protection.
8. Avoid washing against harsh surface such as nylon/metal sponge as this may damage surface.
9. Using along with fatty oil or acidy food such as citrus/lemon for long period of time may cause deterioration. Please avoid.
10. Please store at cool place, avoid placing under direct sun light for a long period as this may cause deformation.
Packaging: Label-paper, bag-PP
Made in China
Perfect for lunch and sweets