Pokemon Sparkling Water Soda Drink + Free Stickers & Bubblegum

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Pokemon Sparkling Water Soda Drink 330ML x4 CANS with FREE sticker + bubblegum set



Buy the set and get free pokemon stickers and bubblegum

Ocean Bomb is a refreshing carbonated soda drink from Taiwan. Made with natural deep sea water elements the carbonated drink carries a sweet yet fresh water taste thats just blends well together. 

Its original flavour is the Natural Deep Sea Sparkling water that carries a hint of mint taste and is sugar free. Healthy right ;) 

The drink also has several other flavours

  • MasterBall - Original natural deep sea sparkling water soda (with a hint of mint)
  • Pikachu wave - Apple cider flavour soda
  • Jiggly puff - Peach flavour soda
  • Snorlax - Muscat Grape flavour soda
  • Charmander - Orange flavour soda
  • Squirtle - Pear flavour soda
  • Bulbasaur - Apple flavour soda
  • NEW Mewto - Strawberry flavour soda

Pokemon fan or not, this is a great tasting drink to try, give as a gift or keep it yourself as a collectible item. 

We all know the words :O