Oil hardener

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Size W16 x H8cm
Material - natural fats and oils ingredient
20g x 3 follicles
weight - 600ml

● One package of "Waste Oil Hardener" (20g) solidify 600ml of oil.
● Won't stick on your hand, won't stain your kitchen. Easy disposing!
● Solidify the crumbs too! Easy cleaning of frying pan and tempura net!
* When heating oil, always stay by the gas and take precautions.
* Always use after turning off the gas/fire.

1. After cooking, turn off heat and add "Waste Oil Hardener" while the oil is hot. (approx. above 80℃)
2. Stir until "Waste Oil Hardener" completely dissolves.
3. After dissolved completely, let it sit until firm like jello.
4. Peel off the firm oil using a spatula, and discard as a burnable garbage.