Muffin Cup Line M

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Muffin cup line-M- 6pcs (3xgold, 3xsilver)
Size: 5x 5.5cm
Material: Aluminum foil
Max heat resistance:180?c

1.Do not use item other than it intended use.
2. Do not heat over 180 degree and no longer than 30minutes.
3. Do not use in microwave or place near/direct of fire.
4. Only use along with cake mixture.
5. Salty and acidy mixture will cause deformation, please avoid.
6. Over heating or high temperature will cause discoloring and may cause deformation.
7. This product is a disposable product, do not re-use.
8. Due to the nature of material, please beware of sharp edges.
Made in Japan
Packaging material: label-Card, bag-PP