Muffin cup fruit style M BROWN

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Muffin cup fruit style-M-Brown-6pcs
Size: 5.5x 5cm
Material: Kraft paper
-Heat resistance 220 degree
Oven and microwave safe.
1.Please do not use the product in other than it intended use.
2. Do not use in oven-toaster, grill and open fire.
3. Only use with dough, and heat below max temperature.
4. Do not use over the listed max temperature as this will deformation or discolour.
5. Do not store in direct sunlight or place in humid places.
6. This product is intended for disposable, do not re-use.
7. There is a possibility that the leak is using the liquid dough.
Packaging material: label-paper, outer bag-plastic/PP
Made in Japan