Microwave waffle maker

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Easy to use microwave waffle maker! 
Size: 9.4 × 9.2 × 3.6H cm
Material: Polypropylene
Max temperature -20~140degree
Recipe to make 5 waffle
150g American pancake mix
1 medium egg
100ml Full fat milk
  1. Mix all ingredient together
  2. Pull around 40g of mix mixture into mould
  3. Likely tap mould to release air bubble before placing in microwave.
  4. Heat for 1.20 sec in 500W
  5. Take out from microwave and place lid on. Rest for 10-20 seconds
  6. Take off lid and take out waffle. Why not try eating with different topping
Optional -Add coco powder to pancake mixture
  1. Due to the nature of this product please keep away from toddler.
  2. Please wash with mild detergent before usage
  3. Handle with care when removing waffle from mould after heating.
  4. Over heating will cause deformation
  5. Do not use in oven or dishwasher
  6. Do not place mould near fire
Made in Japan
Packaging material: PP