Hot chocolate cube tray

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(1x 2cube tray & 4xwoodenstick)
Size:9.3x4.2x4.4cm, 40cc per cube

Material: Silicon resin, wood
Max heat resistance: 230 degree, cool resistance: -30 degree

Ideal for making Chocolate cube for Hot chocolate!

Why not get creative and use this mould for other sweet treat such as-
*Caramel fudge cube
*Jelly cube
*Left over coffee ice cube
*Mocha chocolate (add instant coffee to melted chocolate)
*Chocolate cube with marshmallow, nuts, dried fruits and cornflake etc

1. Pull melt chocolate mix into mould. Once filled, gently drop mould to get air out and to achieve an even spread.
2.Place lid and insert wooden stick. Leave in fridge to chill until harden.
3.Once harden slight out chocolate cube by pushing bottom and side of silicone mould (do not attempt to take it out by pulling wooden stick!).
4. Finish chocolate cube make a prefect size a cup hot chocolate while combine with hot milk (cup size ideally-200cc).

Sample/Easy recipe-:
-Your choice of commercial chocolate bar- 110g
-Milk 2 teaspoon
-Whiskey _ teaspoon (optional)

1.Finely chop chocolate, half it and mix in with milk. Heat mixture in microwave (30second at 500W) until dissolve.
2. Stir in the remaining chocolate. Add in optional whiskey.
3. Use a spoon or spatula to pour mixture in mould. Place lid and stick, leave in refrigerator to chill.

1. Do not use item other than it intended use.
2. Wash with mild detergent before using.
3. Do not place/near of fire.
4. Can be use in oven/microwave/freezer. Cannot be use in grill, toaster grill, dishwasher or dish drier.
5. Do not go over stated temperature.
6. Due to the nature of the wooden stick, please handle with care.
7. Dark colour ingredients, may leave colour stain, please note this is not a quality issue.
8. Do not heat or refrigerate empty mould.
9. Heat no more than 20minute in stated max temperature.
10. Avoid washing against harsh surface such as nylon/metal sponge as this may damage surface.
11. Please store at cool place, avoid placing under direct sun light for a long period as this may cause deformation.
12. Due to the material, there may be slight smell of silicon. But this does inter fear with food hygiene.
Packaging material: Bag-PP, inner case-PS