Extra Yummy Snack Box

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Our Extra Yummy Snack Box is a bigger collection of delicious yummy traditional, sweet and savory snacks from Asia.

There will be at least 15 or more snacks in the Extra Yummy Box, so there's bound to be something you'll like and love. 


Benefits of our Extra Yummy Snack Box

  • Non-advertised plain boxes makes our snack box a great gift or present to the ones you love or just for yourself.

  • Non-monthly subscription, buy when you like. 

  • 15 + items in every box includes, Traditional, Sweet, Savory, Chocolate, Gum

  • Note: Variety ranges have different flavours and are chosen at random. (For Example: Pocky, Hi-chew, KitKat have various flavours)


Pictures are a representation of what might be included in your Extra Yummy Snack Box

Full Snacks Ingredients List