Disposable bento lunch box PINK M

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Size L18.1 x W12.2 x H5.4cm

Dispoable Bento Lunch box with Lid

Can be use in microwave (body only)
Disposable bento box with lid 3pcs
1. Please do not use the product in other than its intended use.
2. Do not put steaming hot food into bento such as fresh fried food chicken.
3.Do not use in oven, grill or freezer/fridge.
4. When use in microwave, please remove lid and not to use more than 20minutes.
5. Please avoid putting oily food in bento box when using in microwave and do not go over heat resistance temperature.
6. Do not place near or direct of fire.
7. Extreme force will cause breakage, please be careful.
8. Please avoid putting food that is high in fat or acid such as lemon as this might cause deterioration.
9. This product is not intended to be re-used.
Material: Polypropylene_polystyrene
Body: Max heat:130 degree, lid: max heat:85 degree
Made in Japan
Package: Plastic :PP