Cream squeeze piper pastry bag SMALL 5pc

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Cream squeeze piper pastry bag SMALL 5pc with 3 tips. Ideal for pastry and cake making!!!

Product information:
-Set of 5 bags with 3 piping heads.
-Can fill up to 600ml
-Size 24 x 35cm

How to use:
1. Cut the end of piping bag, enough to show the tip of the piping head (as show in diagram). Place piping head inside bag.
2. Fill the bag with desire fillings.
Ideal for pastry and cake making!!!
- Material: polypropylene_polyethylene
Max heat resistance- Piping head: 100 degree. piping bag: 80 degree
Cool resistance- Piping head: -20 degree, piping bag:-30 degree

1. Please do not use the product in other than it intended use.
2. Do not place near or direct fire, it will cause deformation.
3. Do not use with hot filling such as hot caramel sauce, as it will cause deformation.
4. To avoid injury please keep away from infant, toddle or children.
5. Do not use with microwave, oven, grill, oven toaster, dishwasher or dish dryer.
6. Due to the nature of the material, avoid placing chucky filling into piping bag.
Packaging material: Outer bag-plastic/PP