Bento Decoration Cooking Pen

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Size 2.1 x 10.5cm
20ml capacity
Material - polyethylene

Decoration Pen on dishes and snack.

Tip is convenient to choose either 1mm or 2mm thickness
To use:
1. Remove cap and pour in required sauce/liquid. Replace cap on.
2. Hold like a pen and squeeze both side of pen.
* Can be use to decorate bento lunch, salad, cookie, pancake and cupcake etc.
Material: polyethylene_polypropylene
Max heat resistance temperature: 60 degree, cool tolerance temperature of -20 degrees
1. Please do not use the product in other than its intended use.
2. Please wash thoroughly before using for the first time.
3. Do not place near or direct in fire, this will cause deformation and damage.
4. Do not use in open fire, microwave, oven, freezer, dishwasher and dish dryer.
5.To avoid accidental swallow, please store out of reach away from baby, toddler and children.
6. Avoid pouring substance with contain bits as this will clog up pen.
7. Do not store substance in pen for long time, as it will dry up inside of pen.
8. Avoid washing against harsh surface such as nylon/metal brushes as this may damage.
9. Wash and dry after every use.
10. Strong pressure or shock will cause damage to item.
11. Please store at cool place, avoid placing under direct sun light for a long period as this may cause deformation.
Packaging: paper and (outer bag:)PET