Clear cup panda pattern 3pc

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Clear Cups- Panda pattern -3pcs
Size: 7.7x 5.3x 7cm, 180ml
Material: Polypropylene
.Max heat resistance: 60 degree

-Ideal for temporary dessert storage for picnic/party!! Or use as drinking cup!

1.Do not use item other than it intended use.
2. Do not pour any boiling liquid into cup.
3. Do not use in microwave, oven, grill, fridge/freezer, dishwasher or dish dryer.
4. Please handle with care.
5. Using along with fatty oil or acidy food such as citrus/lemon for long period of time may cause deterioration. Please avoid.
6. Max heat resistance temperature is only a recommendation, this can vary base on usage.
7. Do not use with dry ice.
8. This product is a disposable prod