Cleaning sponge holder WHITE

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Cleaning sponge holder WHITE 020480
Size 87x76x47mm
Material PS, vinyl chloride resin
Load weight 300g

-Easy to use, could be apply to inside sink or tiles
-Great tool to keep sponge cleaner for longer
-Ideal to be use in Kitchen or bathroom

1. Only use on flat surface
2. Clean surface before applying suction hook for better support
3. Avoid using in direct sunlight or place near fire
4. Do not go over stated weight
5. Do not use in dish washer/ drier. Only wash with mild detergent
6. Do not use holder to storge item which are high in acid or fat.
Tips- To renew suction power, sock hooks in 50-60 degrees hot water for about 5minutes

Package material: PET/card
Made in Japan