Chiffon cake paper mould

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Chiffon cake paper mould-1pcs
Size: 18x 8.1cm, No6
Max heat resistance 180 degree
Material: Oilproof paper, PET

-Disposable chiffon cake mould.
-Space saver, Mess free.
-Special design for easy de-moulding simply tear away section by section to archive perfect shape!.
-Microwave and oven safe.

1.Do not use item other than it intended use.
2.Do not use in grill/toaster-oven and steamer.
3. Do not place near or direct of fire.
4. Only use below max heat resistance temperature and use with raw dough/mixture.
5. Do not use mould more than 30minutes.
6. Over heating or high temperature will cause discoloring and may cause deformation.
7. Please store at cool place, avoid placing under direct sun light.
8. Due to the material, there may be slight smell when first open. But this does inter fear with food hygiene.
9. This is a disposable item.
10. Please note that there might be a possibility of leak if mixture is too thin.
Packaging material: Label-card, bag-PP