Car wash sponge

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Size W32 x H10cm

Car wash sponge. Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places such as the cars roof top

So you need to clean the car/van/bike. 
- You use a regular sponge. You use a cheap sponge
1. Your hands get wet and dirty with grit and grime, 
2. They smell of dirt. 
3. Fingers get black, nails go black 
4. You can't reach the rooftop because your not tall enough :( 
5. You have to stick your hand all the way in to the back of the wheel to clean it.
1. Blue handle, high visibility to find in the home.
2. High quality handle and sponge, no cheap stuff.
3. Long handle to help clean hard to reach places rooftop, behind wheels
4. Hook handle for convient storage in home/garage