Silicon Bunny Rabbit Bread Mould

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-Easy to use, great tool to introduce to kids (age 6+)

-Microwave and oven safe

-Freeze, fridge safe

-Flexible silicon material

-Reusable and washable

-Multifunction food mould

-Great for both dessert and savoy food making such as cake,mouse, jelly, meat patty, omelet etc

Size: 9x2x10.2cm

Material: Silicon resin

Max heat temperature- 220 degree

Cool tolerance- -20degree


1.Microwave and oven safe. Do not place direct or near fire, or use in grill or microwave toaster oven

2.Please wash with mild detergent and avoid washing with hash material before and after use.

3.Mould will become hot during cooking, please handle with care

4.Over heating will cause damage to mould

5.Due to the material, there may be slight smell of silicon. But this does inter fear with food hygiene.

6.Dark colour ingredients, may leave colour stain, please note this is not a quality issue.

7.Can not be use in dishwasher or dish dryer.

8.To avoid injury, please keep away from infant and toddler.


Recipe for Almond madeleine

To make 6

Flour 70g

Butter 80g

Eggs 2

Caster sugar 70g

Baking power ½   teaspoon

Almond power 20g

Honey 20g

Almond extract few drops

 -Butter and eggs in room temperature

-Melf honey and butter together

1.Mix eggs and caster sugar together, whisk until gloss.

2.Mix in the melted butter and honey

3.Add sieved flour, baking power and almond power into mixture

4.To finish mixture off, mix in a few drops of almond extract

5.Leave mixture in fridge for 60minutes

6.Preheat oven for 190, pour one portion of mixture in mould.

7.Bake for 15mins

Tip- score around the mould with a toothpick before attempting to slid cake out.

Packaging material: Bag/PP, case/PS

Made in China