Japanese Bento My Lunch Box M 520ml

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Japanese bento lunch box for adults and children. Lunch time is one of the most important meals of the day as its the one meal that keeps you going until the afternoon before dinner time. Bento lunch boxes are designed to store your food and they come with dividers to. This helps separate the main from the sides :) 

Size W14.8 x D11.2 x H4.8cm
520ml capacity
Material: Polypropylene
Max heat temperature 140 degree
Cool tolerance -20degree

1.Do not place near/direct fire or use in oven or oven grill.
2.Do not wash with harsh material or chemical
3. This is not a leak-proof item
4.Instruction for microwave use-
A. Do not use over recommended temperature
B. Sugary and oily food will increase temperature
C. Do not use cling-film while heating

Packaging material: PP
Made in Japan