Bento decoration cutter mould STAR

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Bento Decoration cutter mould-Star range-2 design, CLoud or Fish
Material: ABS resin (max heat resistance 80 degree) PET- baran (max heat resistance 140 degree.)

Cloud design sizes-
Stars-26x22mm, 17x15mm
Petal- 15x20mm

Fish design sizes-
Crescent moon-10x15mm

Food cutter mould
Ideal for making lunch and sweets.

For creative food decoration on ingredients such as cheese, ham, cookie dough and seaweed etc.
To use:
1. Place desire ingredient such as cheese on flat surface.
2.Place cutter mould on top, and punch through.
Tip: to achieve better shape, can use a tooth pick to run along the outside of the mould before lifting mould off. And to safely remove food from mould, you can also use the tooth pick to push the ends away from the mould.
Material: ABS resin-cutters (max heat resistance 80 degree.) PET- baran (max heat resistance 140 degree.)
1. Please do not use the product in other than its intended use.
2. Do not use in microwave, oven, grill, fridge freezer, dishwasher and dish drier.
3. Do not place near or direct fire, as this might cause deformation.
3. To avoid injury, please keep away from infant and toddler
4. Avoid washing against harsh surface such as nylon/metal sponge as this may damage surface.
5. Strong pressure or shock will cause damage to item.
6. Avoid storing in humid or steamy place, this might cause deformation.
7. Baran edge might be share, please be careful when handling.
8. Please avoid cutting food, which is high in fat or acid such as lemon as this might cause deterioration.
9. Please avoid storing item in direct sunlight for a long time as this might cause deformation.
Packaging material: label-paper, outer case-plastic/PET
Made in China