Japanese Bento Box Side Dish Cups 7pc set with Container

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Japanese bento box side dish cups 7pc set with container. Japanese bento cups are perfect for separating food, and ideal for bento lunch boxes. Sometimes less is more, not everyone likes big portions so our food cups help tidy the food. The cups are freezer and microwave safe.

Body and inner cup material: PP
Heat tolerance: 120degree cool tolerance: -20 degree
Lid material: PE
Heat tolerance: 60degree ,Cool tolerance: -20 degree
Sizes- 5.6x5.6x3cm - 56ml, 7.5x7.5x3cm - 120ml ,3.8x3.8x3cm - 23ml

1. Do not place in direct or near fire
2. Please wash before use
3. Due to the nature of material there might be a strong scent of plastic, but this does inter fear with food hygiene.
4. Strong aroma food?s scent may stain cups.
5. Do not use in dishwasher and dish drier
6. While in use only store horizontally, as it may cause leakage.
Microwave instruction:
1. Do not use lid in microwave.
2. Do not use over recommended temperature
3. Sugary and oily food will increase temperature while using in microwave

Packaging material: PP
Made In Japan