Japanese 2-way Bento Lunch Plate, Lunch Box, container

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Japanese 2-way Bento Lunch Plate, Lunch Box, container. This lunch box benefits from both sides being useable as a lunch box if desired. Its also microwave safe so cooking couldn't be quicker. 

Size W18 x D18 x H4.8cm
Max Heat tolerance: 120_
Cool tolerance: -20_

2 Way bento lunch plate
Microwave safe

1. Do not place in direct or near fire
2. Please wash before use
3. Do not use in oven or grill
4. Strong aroma food?s scent may stain cups.
5. Do not use in dishwasher and dish drier
6.Please note container is not leak proof
7.Do not use over recommended temperature
8. Sugary and oily food will increase temperature while using in microwave

Packaging material: PP
Made in Japan