Vegetable Cutter Mould 3D Bear shape

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Vegetable Cutter Mould 3D Bear shape 801916

Eating and cooking just got more interesting. With our range of vegetable cutters, you can create fun and attractive food pieces even children will find it hard to resist. These cutters are designs to make preparing food fun. The shapes encourage children and adults alike to eat the food because of the nice design. 

Material - ABS 

Heat resistant 80 degree
Cool Tolerance -20 degree

- Ideal for making 3D vegetable rabbit or cookies.
- Great way to encourage children to eat more vegetable.
- Easy to use. Could be introduce along cooking with kids.

1. Do not place in open or near fire.
2. Do not use in microwave, oven, grill and dishwasher.
3. Do not place under sunlight & store in dry cool places.
4. Wash before use. Avoid washing against hard material.

Instructions: (for carrot)
1. Wash and peel carrot.
2. Slice carrot vertically for retangle carrot sheet (apprx 3mm thickness). Ensure sheet are big enough for cutter.
3. Press cutter firmly on mould.
4. Attached all 3 pieces together.
- If carrot is too hard for cutter. Place carrot sheet in boil water for few second. Repeat the same process with cold water. Than immediatly cut with cutters.
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