Aluminium foil rice ball wrapper

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Aluminium foil rice ball wrapper- 12sheets/ 4 designs
Size per sheet: 18x18cm
Material: Aluminium foil

- Great for creating colourful, fun lunch boxes!
- Ideal for wrapping rice ball!
- 4 animal designs (3x panda,3x monkey, 3xduck, 3xrabbit)
- Why not get creative! Use this wrap along with our other product (Chocolate cube mould)?

1. Do not put near or direct of fire.
2. Do not use in microwave, oven or toaster.
3. Do not re-heat food while using foil.
4. Please avoid storing Acidy food and food with high salt level for a long time while using foil.
5. Avoid storing foil in humid or steamy place as this may cause discolouration.
6. Do not wrap food on printed foil (only use non printed side when wrapping food).
7. Please be careful when opening or using foil to avoid injury.
Packaging material: Card, PP (bag)