Alphabet Deco Cookie Stamp Set

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This fun alphabet stamp turns you into a creative wizard only limited by your imagination. You can make any text any word you like on your cookies. Perfect for gifting idea, or your home business. 

Alphabet Deco Cookie Stamp Set
Size: 3.8x 3.2x2.25cm
Material: ABS resin
Max heat resistance: 80 degree

- Alphabet cookie stamp to make your favourite messages!
- 2 set of alphabet = 50 characters.
- Easy to assemble and clean.
- Ideal for using on raw cookie dough and icing!

1. Do not place near/direct of fire, and do not use the
product other than its intended use.
2. Please wash with mild detergent and dry off product before and after use.
3. Do not use in microwave, oven,grill,fridge/ freezer, dishwasher or dish drier.
4. To avoid injury, please keep away from infant and toddler.
5. Avoid washing against harsh surface such as nylon/metal sponge as this may damage surface.
6. Please avoid using with food, which is high in fat or acid such as lemon as this might cause deterioration.
7. Due to the material, there may be slight smell of silicon. But this does inter fear with food hygiene.
8. Please store in dry and cool places.

Packaging material: label-card, case-PET