Yummy Snacks Boxes & More :D

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Yummy Snacks Boxes & More :D

2017 is Kantan Living's second year running and we are really proud of ourselves to have come this far, and to bring more and more awesome and great products from Asia Japan.

This year we have come up with some new targets to meet and one of them which we are happy to announce and introduce is our Yummy Snack Boxes. We call them our Beginners Yummy Snack Box and the Extra Yummy Snack Box. 

Over the past few years, subscription boxes have become a trend, and we too think its great that your able to purchase a monthly surprise box full of new, quirky or tasty treats from around the world. But at the same time, we also feel that a surprise monthly snack box would not be suitable for everyone, because sometimes you might find one or two or more items in the box that you just don't like or absolutely hate. Now that would be a waste of money. Here at Kantan Living, we like to try all kinds of snacks and pick out the ones we think others would love too, only then do we want to sell it to you :D, and this is why our fans love us, because we like to explain and talk about the snacks we sell, and let people try out different snacks. So if you ever see us at a show, do come check us out, and you'll be treated like a real food critic. Although, we do try to avoid the super weird, super bitter, super sour snacks, because the majority of people don't like them. This is how we came up with the Beginners Yummy Snack Box and the Extra Yummy Snack Box. 

Beginners Yummy Snack Box

The Beginners Yummy Snack Box is a 10 item collection of delicious savoury to sweet snacks that we think will give a great tasty experience of Asian culture. Its also the very first Asian snack box designed to fit through your letter box, so that you now no longer need to be home to sign for it. It makes a great office gift, party gift, birthday present, a treat to a loved one or a treat to yourself.

Within the 10 items, you've got:

  • the famous chocolate coated biscuit sticks (POCKY),
  • the flavour bursting chewy sweets (HI-CHEW),
  • Un-usual flavours of KitKat (KITKAT),
  • traditional Japanese seaweed (SEAWEED),
  • traditional rice cracker, (RICE CRACKER),
  • Japanese Lemon soda gummy sweet (RAMUNE GUMMY),
  • quirky novelty Cola Poo sweet, that even the famous gamer DAN TDM has tried (UNCHI-POO)
  • to the iconic strawberry character shaped chocolate (HELLOKITTY). 

Extra Yummy Snack Box

This is a 15 or more item collection of savoury to sweet snacks. If you love a good variety of snacks to eat then our Extra Yummy Snack Box will satisfy all sweet toothed and cravings. On top of what you might get with the Beginners Box, you would get an extra assortment of great snacks. The only way to find out what you would get is to try it out. But we promise it won't disappoint.